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Structural Systems

Metcoe offers both I-beam and tubular shaped extrusion. In both systems, condensation gutters an are integral part of the extrusion.

Span of Members
The span of the member will depend on the following parameterrs subject to local area load requirements
  1. Loading requirements
  2. Requirements for deflection
  3. Spacing of the main members (rafters)
  4. Slope
  5. Specific project requirements (for example, window washing concentrated loads)

The following links show the various size members in both systems, and depending on your requirements, we can always add to them.
Tubular Rafters
I-Beam Rafters
Cross Bars
Double Pitch Ridge
Ridge with Gable Ends
Ridge with Hipp Ends
Single Slope
Single Slope With End Wall
Segmented Barrel Vault
Curved Barrel Vault
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